Meet the Novembers (or November Exposed in JewLie)

Joseph November, in an email to Don Brown, under his alias 'Eli James' wrote:
From: Eli James
Date: 7/29/2013 7:44:54 PM

That's not my real name either, Don. Clifton Emahiser just invited a lawsuit for slander. :| *:| straight face

Joseph November now denies that his name is November. We proved differently in Answering the Shills, Part 1. It really beats the hell out of me, how you can sue someone for calling you by a name which you have actually used to write that person with - for the proof of which one can see the envelope: Eli James First Wrote to Clifton Emahiser as Joseph November and the letter itself: Joseph November's August 7th, 2001 letter to Clifton Emahiser. This was four years before "Eli James Publishing" was registered as a business in Cook County, IL, and he started calling himself "Eli James".

Here on this page is a plethora of irrefutable proof that Joe November IS his real name!

Boasting is for the Birds

This post was found on the "Pastor Eli James" Facebook page, which is operated by Eli himself. Here we see Eli James boasting that as he prayed openly on a segment of his Voice of Christian Israel program, a large flock of geese was flying around the Bundy ranch. The insinuation is that the prayer corresponded with the flight of the geese as some sort of sign from God.

The bold-faced insolence leaves us speechless. True prophets of Yahweh do not fail. None of their words fall to the ground, as the Scripture describes the surety of the prophetic word. But did Eli's geese help the Bundy family in their plight against government tyranny? No, the plight of the Bundy family continues. And all the geese left behind, evidently, was a lot of bird shit. Eli James should be throat-deep in it already.

Nibiru, Crop Circles and Eli James


This video was discussed at length in William Finck Answers the Shills, Part 2, and played at the end of the program.

The Universalism of Eli James


From William Finck of

This program is based upon a selection of Eli James' own statements, recordings included so they can be heard directly, which prove beyond all doubt that Eli does not understand the basic concept of "kind after kind", what White is, and the nature of the Wheat and the Tares.

The program also completely deconstructs Eli's claims concerning certain Scriptures which he uses to support his artificially constructed eschatology, including Isaiah chapter 13 and Ezekiel chapter 18.

Everyone and anyone familiar with the rift between William Finck and Eli James should listen to this program! As should anyone who cares about or is interested in Christian Identity Theology.

Eli James: Flying Under False Colors

Eli James' real name is Joseph November. This is easy to demonstrate, since Eli's business, "Eli James Publishing", is a registered DBA in the State of Illinois, uses the same Chicago address as Eli James, and the principle of that business is listed as Joseph November. Therefore the man behind the mask of "Eli James Publishing" is indeed one Joseph P. November. The following links prove this assertion:

Eli James has labelled William Finck as a "race traitor" for pointing out this public information concerning his real name. Eli James has accused William Finck of somehow "publishing his address online". However it is Joseph November who had HIS OWN ADDRESS published online in these public records, the very day that he registered "Eli James Publishing" as a business so that he could (semi-) legally operate under the name of "Eli James"!!!

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